International Summer School 2017 – Croatia

International Summer School 2017 – Croatia

The Summer School program will be held in Zadar and in Zagreb during 18 June and 8 July 2017 and the following courses will be offered at our Summer School program:

1. Digital marketing

2. Digital transformation

3. 3D animation & simulation

4. Mobile application development

5. Robotics programming

6. Cyber Security

7. Digital Data in Marketing

8. Game Design


We will enable students to also participate in three free weekly workshops:

1. Financing early stage startups

2. Smart Cities

3. Critical Thinking and Creativity

Our Summer School program is more than lectures and workshops – your students will have time to meet outstanding and ambitious colleagues from all over the world. We want to introduce them to some of Croatia’s world-renowned places and its rich cultural and natural treasures. The program offers a fantastic summer experience in the cities of Zagreb and Zadar (on the Adriatic coast) and enables the students to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of Croatia.

We also offer scholarships for the Summer School program in order to ease the amount of costs for the Summer School students coming to Croatia. Students coming from partner universities such as TUIASI are entitled to a special discount on the full tuition fee of the Summer School program (trip and accommodation are to be covered by the student):

* 1-4 students – 20% discount

* 5-9 students – 30% discount

* 10 > students – 40% discount

Summer school brochure


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